Club Part 2

(Continued from Club Part 1)

She slowed her jog when she approached the velvet ropes that separated the VIP area from the rest of the club. The bouncer nodded briefly to her and flashed her a smile that promised a teasing remark about her being late. Continue reading “Club Part 2”


Tavern Girl Part 1

The hustle and bustle of everyday life was calm one, she supposed. She made enough to get by, which was more than some, but the stories she would hear and the people that she met kept her from being really content. She knew it was the same with every younger person she came across. Most had their reasons for forcing their contentedness – fear being the biggest paralyzing factor. Fear of the unknown, fear of not having enough to live off of, fear of actually succeeding – then what? Continue reading “Tavern Girl Part 1”

Club Part 1

Her breath came in small, short bursts as she rounded the corner, grabbing the railing of a set of stairs that lead to the basement level of the building next to the one she was rushing to get to. The back door to the building was in between two dumpsters and annoying to access. Especially when in a hurry. When she did finally grab the handle and throw herself through the door she was greeted by her manager and a “There you are! Hurry up!” to which she smiled and dropped her bag onto the employee couch and started frantically trying to untangle the apron she grabbed from her spot on the wall. Continue reading “Club Part 1”

Sorcerer Part 10

(Continued from Sorcerer Part 9)

She was surprised by the giggle that crept up and out her mouth before she had a chance to stop it. Her lack of sleep, combined with the beautiful weather and familiar scenery around her home had pulled her mind into the land of daydreams. Her life suddenly seemed so amusing to her when she thought about it from a detached distance. Seriously, who finds random injured men in the woods by their house? Continue reading “Sorcerer Part 10”